This tiny little church is a pearl among the olives. Its real name is in fact Saint Peter in the OliveGrove. It dates back to the VII-VIII century BC, when the first ecclesiastic order needed oil not only for light, but also as a farm product for the city. Located on the old road towards Tremosine it is a quiet place to rest. When you reach the inside of the church you breath the air of antiquity, the basin for holy water dates back to the Xth century and many of the roof tiles date back to the Roman time, especially on the side of the sacristy.


A painting of the XXth century shows two barriers used in the VIIIth century. Archeological work started in 2004, discoveries were made and interesting aspects of the church are still being discovered, for example : that the rectangular basement of the building had a rectangular aps,  was constructed in one phase and located towards east. This type of construction was very wide-spread in the alpine region starting from the VII-VIIIth century.


The cemetery was placed along the outside walls of the church. Particularly interesting was a tomb located toward the western side which was designed at the same time as the church. It leads us to believe that this church belonged to a noble family in the area who used it for personal devotion. In the XIVth century the building was richly redecorated and new tombs where added. There is also  a column decorated with vine leaves and lilies probably dating back to the VIIIth century.






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