Daniele Comboni

Daniele Comboni was born in Limone sul Garda on the 15th of March 1831, became Bishop and founded the Comboniani missionaries, whose motto was to save Africa through Africa. On the 5th of October 2003 Pope John Paul II proclaimed him saint and Comboni is commemorated by the catholic church on the anniversary of his death every year , the 10th of October (he died in Khartum in 1881). Each year Limone remembers its saint with big celebrations.

He was the son of a poor farming family but full of Christian values. To escape poverty Daniele leaves Limone and starts his studies in Verona at the institute of the priest Daniele Mazza where he discovers his faith and decides to start his mission and leave for sub-sahara Africa. Soon Daniele becomes aware of the difficulties of this mission, long trips, strong unbearable climates, illness and death, even so he does not want to give up and his determination increases. Out of this he develops another missionary strategy : the plan to regenerate the African Continent that has become popular, to regenerate Africa through Africa that takes birth from his faith and belief in the sub-saharan population with their strong sense of religion and their humanity.

In 1968 the Missionaires from Verona come to Limone to buy the property that used to be Comboni’s birthplace in the Tesol area, hence the ancient Limonaia. The old house of his birth becomes the mission Museum (500 meters from the Hotel Riviera) that one can visit, historically Comboni’s life and adventures are part of the African colonial history as well as of the history of slavery. At the Comboniani’s missionary pilgrims arrive from all over the world to see Comboni’s birth place. Also many missionaries returning from Africa come to Limone to find some quiet and time to rest.





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