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Every Tuesday with a local guide and free of charge this walk starts at 9, a.m. from the tourist information office.  It is not a difficult walk and one could try to do it on one’s own.

From the Hotel Riviera walk down into the city centre until you reach the end of the lake shore promenade.  At the Hotel Azzurro turn left where the road for Rèamol starts along via Porto, via Nova and via Reamol until the road ends up on the main ‘gardesana’ road on a small parking lot. At this point if you walk back 10 meters and cross the road you see the start of the sun trail: ‘sentiero del sole’, the trail surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation is located above the gardesana main road, you might hear a car passing by, but the path is nestled among black pines, ilex (Quercus ilex), cypresses, bay (Laurus nobilis).  During June-July you might find wild yellow flowers of the Euforbia plant (Euphorbia esula L.), in dialect called ‘the milky plant’, as by breaking the stalk a white liquid comes out that was used to cure skin illness such as warts. On this trail it is easy to find, hidden in the bush, war fortifications initially built for the first world war than reused for the second world war. The final point of this trail, called REAMOL, has amazing tunnels, some of 30m long. This was a strategic point during the first world war as it was on the borders between Austria and Italy,  hence many fortifications and bunkers for soldiers with heavy weapons were placed and hidden in this area which are still to be discovered. Having reached this point you might cross a stony valley and climb up the mountain to follow the  path on the way back. The path is a bit steep at the beginning but with a stunning view. From a point called ‘Doss dela Tera’ at 240 m. one reaches a construction used to produce calk, a white powder used before the invention of cement to construct houses. The path after a few curves reaches the panoramic point where you can sit and admire the lake landscape, here another path starts, it is  Number 122 that leads you to the ‘Larici point’ but it is another 2 hours steep walk for which you might come back another time. From the bench you walk down towards your Hotel Riviera, walk to the main road and take the same road back from Hotel Panorama towards the city centre of Limone.



5 Tracks Not to be missed


(3 to 4 hours, easy)




(Good walking boots are required or trail running shoes. Total walk 5 to 6 hours).  Each SUNDAY from the middle of June to the middle of September this walk is accompanied by a guide. Meeting point is the tourist information office, at 8,00 am. If you are interested in doing a guided walk you can decide to take an earlier breakfast and get a lift from Milena to the tourist office..

From the Hotel Riviera you take the Nanzello road towards Limone. When you reach the bridge at the river, turn left onto the steep road towards the oil mill, at the bridge walk towards the mountain along the river and you will reach another bridge - here you are at the beginning of path no. 101 at the Milanesa. Take the walk from above the river and walk all along the 101which is almost 2 hours along a steep cable stone road. At 750 m. ‘erta del Murèl’ point you have to follow the sign towards Baita Segala, the path becomes narrow and goes into the wood for another half hour   until you reach the MUGHERA peak (m. 1161).  Continue on the path that goes on the left for approx..100 meters. From there you come to  a panoramic point with a table and benches which are really worth the visit. From here walk back onto  the road again and follow the N. 422 that leads you in half hour to the Segala Hut (m. 1250). If it is a Sunday and you are with your alpine guide at this point you will get a lunch with pasta, cheese and salami. The hut is normally self catered, you can take a bottle of water, cook your own meal, make your own coffee, and have a quiet rest. During the winter month people come here to warm themselves by the fire.

This is the objective of the day’s walk, it is easy to find the way back, take the sign just outside the hut leading you towards Limone, No. 104, than the you can easily find  No. 101 again, or walk down along the river, Pala dei Salc’. In this case follow the nos. 104 and 119 and no. 104 again until no. 125.  Follow the river with its beautiful waterfalls and when you have reached the little elm bridge and the bench, you are back at no. 101 that brings you down to the point from where you started.





Total time 4 hours, difficult, walking boots essential

From the hotel you have to go to the beginning of the sun trail : walk down to the end of the lake shore promenade before the Hotel Azzurro,  you see the beginning of the road Reamol that leads after a couple of km up to the main road before the Hotel Panorama. Crossing the road you walk uphill until you find the sign of the beginning of  no. 122. From this point it will take you 2 hours to reach the top called Bocca Larici which means the ‘mouth of larchs’. You know you have arrived when emerging from  a wood you come out into a field surrounded by a fence, where in the summer the sheep graze, and the path goes along the fence. Once on the top you  to turn left and follow path no. 130, which goes along the peaks of Reamol. Not far from the sign there is a fountain with good fresh water.  At this point you might want to have a drink or fill your bottle as for the next hour there are no other drinking facilities. From this point onwards the path is more pleasant, not as steep as the first two hours. The view from this path is beautiful and the more you climb the better the view,  until you reach the ‘Rocchetta peak’ and road no. 422 that leads to the Mughera top. From the Mughera it is easy to come down along no. 101 until the Milanesa bridge. From there take the path along the river until the Saint Giovanni statue where you go back to the road on your left that brings you straight to the Hotel Riviera.




Steep and difficult - a 3 hour climb, 1 hour to walk back; trainers or mountain boots required)

From Hotel Riviera one can reach the main road towards Riva before the first tunnel, 100 meters after the tourist office is the beginning of Vertical path no. 136.  It is cabled for the first 30 meters but then it goes steeply towards the mountain,  reaching the first pines and ilex after 100 meters, but soon the vegetation turns into grass and the view is stunning. Soon you climb higher and higher to reach a point where there are some iron steps with wires.  Although it looks scary, this path has been like like this for only a couple of years.  There used to be no security,   but it was still possible to do.  You are now  just above Limone’s little harbour, the church is below you,  and the higher you climb the more the sounds of town fade  away. At a certain point one reaches a plateau with a thick vegetation of ilex and oaks.  This is the  so called ‘Doss dei Rùer’ ‘the durmust’ rise’.  Here you will find a cross road that  gives you the possibility to go back to Limone by  taking the ‘senter del Bepi’ on your left.  If you keep to the right our path will go ahead;  coming out from the vegetation you will go on climbing with the usual low grass among the rocks and  in some of the steeper  parts you can hold on to the usual security wire. The view below can be scary if you look down in some cleft where the path goes by. The top of the Mughera peak is at 1061 meters, you know you have  arrived when you come to a table with 2 benches and a fantastic view of 360°. One can look north towards Riva and Torbole, seee Mount Stivo and to south to the bay of  Sirmione. It is a good opportunity to have a rest because after 100 meters from this point there is a small kiosk with drinks and sandwiches,  refill your water bottle and rest before going down to  No.  101 to the Milanesa point. At the bridge follow the path to the second big bridge at the Saint Giovanni statue, go back on the road on the right towards the Hotel Riviera.




Easy: 2 hours .  The butterflies path can be done as a short circuit.

Longer option: 3 hours, after the butterflies path, take the path towards Mount Bestone and follow the signs towards Voltino.

From the  Hotel Riviera follow the Nanzello road until the end, going south at the Leonardo da Vinci just after the second entrance of Hotel Mercedes follow the road on the left, this will lead you to the path that goes along the ‘Val di Pura river’. After  a 10 minutes walk you reach the main road that leads toward Tremosine, cross it and follow the path along the river, after 5 minutes you reach another road, with a signpost ‘sentiero delle farfalle’, No, 138,  here turn left and follow the signs, after 200 meters you will find another sign at a big monumental olive tree, here follow the path, after 100 meters you find another sign that climbs up on the left.  Remember this point as this is were the path comes back if you do the short circuit of the butterflies path. At this point the path becomes steep, alongside some wood constructions built by hunters to catch birds.  Here the path goes into the woods for 200 steep meters,  but then it curves down along a nicer path in the pine woods  until you reach the point, at a curve, that is supposed to bring you down. Just follow the path and above the stone old house you might encounter (at lunch time in a hot summer in the middle of July) the ‘cenonympha aedipus’, the False Ringlet, a rare butterfly that on Lake Garda has almost been extinguished. If you are out of season you might encounter other examples such as the Swallowtail, the Kite, the Brimstone, the Clouded Yellow, the Adonis Blue, the Lesser Marble Fritillary, the silver washed fritillary, the Red Admiral butterfly  amongst others.  You might have come across some of these already, but they like building their nests on these steep dry slopes. The path goes above some houses and leads you back from where you started, you are only 15 minutes walk from the Hotel Riviera and might recognise the same road you walked before to find your way back.

If you decide to do the LONG WALK, to VOLTINO in Tremosine take the path towards Mount Bestone.  On the sign you will read the word “difficult”, the difficulty  being  the steepness of the climbing. You will come across a number of  high voltage power lines and will see  2 singposts: take the one towards ‘Voltino’ on the left. At this point the path is flatter  and  the view is beautiful and unusual. This path is not well known so it is a peaceful pleasant walk that brings you without any further steep climbing to the village of Voltino. From there just follow the main road that goes down on your left and automatically you will reach Limone, the bridge above the Hotel Leonardo da Vinci, follow the path along the river and in 5 minutes you will be back at the Hotel Riviera.