Preistoria antichi insediamenti

The Garda area is rich with pre-historic findings. Especially in the Southern part of the lake there have been archeological discoveries of the Neolithic time. In the Northern part, only a few kms from Limone, in a town called Pieve in Tremosine, some prehistoric tools have been found, but more stunning are the Lake dwellings, known as pole or pile dwellings, which have been found on the nearby Lake Ledro in 1929, that revealed the ancient city of Legos that dates back, as many other existing dwellings on the shores of all large lakes in the Prealps (in Switzerland, Italy, France, and Germany), during the era that constituted the life form of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age between approximately 4300 BC and 800 BC.

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of Molina di Ledro,  this museum

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According to Tito Livio,  Etruscan went further north of the Apennine mountains of the Tuscan and Emilian Regions in the VIth century, settling in the Po area and the alpine valleys and mountains during the same time when the Celts inhabited the same regions.

Remains and testimony of Etruscan presence are in the name of Tremosine, only a few kilometers away from Limone. In the little town of Voltino a gravestone 40x40cm large with interesting bilingual inscriptions in Latin and Etruscan language has been found. Significant is also the recent discovery at the bottom of the lake of the remains of an Etruscan fishing boat.





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