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Celtic, Romans, Barvarians ...

600 years before Christ, Celtic populations occupied the Lombardian regions, leaving traces of it in Limone and Tremosine. The actual main Church of the town of Pieve in Tremosine  is located on a sacred place probably dedicated to ‘Bergimo’ a divinity that belonged to the ‘Brescian Cenomanni’ population according to the many epigraphs found in the higher part of Lake Garda that testifies its presence. Presumably out of Bergimo we have the evolution of the first name given to Lake Garda, also of Celtic origin Benaco. (Bennacus, is indeed similar to the irish bennach, that means ‘horn’ of the many horns, the many peaks). In 197 B.C. these Celtic populations were subdued by the Romans and the North-western part of Lake Garda was established as a Roman colony belonging to Gneo Pompeo Strabone. Dating back to this period have been found two gravestones also mentioning Limone, but unfortunately lost.


One is still to be seen walled on the external part of an Holy monument on the way towards Voltino and only 3 km from the Hotel Riviera. Nearby two gravestones were found with ashes of Messava and her husband Staio and her father-in-law Seco.

During the Roman Imperial time Lake Benaco was part of the Xth Roman legion, the so called Venetia, over which a Roman governor ruled from the main town of the lake, as testified by the Roman villa of Toscolano. The Roman presence started a civil organisation and changed, giving a new input to the local customs.




The Roman domination started to crumble with the beginning of the Germanic Barbarian invasions. Around 268 BC. was the arrival of  the Goths which the Emperor Claudio II managed to defeat. In a second wave the Franks, Alamani made up of Swabian tribes, the Huns and finally the Goths again invaded the Roman regions behind the Alps. However, the most devastating German invaders where the Huns with their chief Attila who  destroyed whole territories and populations. They were followed by  the Ostrogoths under Theodorico,  than the Rugi and the Shiites with a political power concentrated in the hands of its chiefs.

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